Werewolf the Apocalypse: Talons of Fate

Tangling with Uranium Banes

"My Name, is NOT, Wolfenstein!"

 Previously, On Werewolf: Talons of Fate…

Our unlikely heroes traveled from the Wheel of Ptah Sept in Casablanca, Morocco to the Canadian wilderness surrounding the allied Sept of the Winter Wolf. The Wendigo, dealing with internal tribal issues, expelled them into the wild…

After the most massive blizzard in history sweeps through, they encounter the wrathful pack leader, Icedagger and his packmates…then drive the angry Wendigo warriors off.


And then they discover a massive strip mine on national park land…




The sun dawns hot and bright, as our heroes set out to explore the Black Wolf mine. Though a combination of magic, stealth and sheer dumb luck…they creep into the camp, the winds sweeping over the site, shaking the buildings that perch precariously on the plateau. 

The smell of something foul lingers on the air, like a sun-bloated carcass on a hot summer day. And an oily feeling lingers just on the edge of their perception. Most of the camp seems deserted, except for a two ton semi-trailer emblazoned with the logo of the Draco Holding Company, LTD and will likely stay that way for some time. 


During this exploration, they tangle with Fomori, humans mutated into mockeries of Gaia's creation by the Wyrm. A fire fight in the mess hall, and some well timed sniping by Ajax, takes care of the majority of them, while the remaining Fomori in the guard posts are left mostly unaware.

This, however alerts another enemy: Uranium Banes, wicked spirits in service to the Wyrm. They mob our heroes en masse, hacking and slashing with their elongated knife-like nails and popping in and out of the Umbra to emerge from unexpected places.

Eventually, they descended into the open pit of the mine, based in part on information Ramirez was able to procure from Azaera's journal and discarded printouts. 

Once there, they beheld the "egg" a massive meteorite of unknown composition that seems to be impervious to most any form of destruction. And Ajax came up with a plan. 


A short while later, Azaera and a band of Black Spiral Dancers returned to the mine site. Suspecting sabotage when a tree dropped, stalling the Black Spiral motorcade on the road, she leaped down into the mine, screeching in fury when she discovered the meteorite missing. (Yet more mojo by Marcus) Still sensing the presence of the malevolent object, Azaera snarls at her associates to "Start digging!"

Beating a hasty retreat to the cover of the trees after battling more Banes, the unusual plan concocted by Ajax worked like a charm.The lip of the mine having been previously ringed with some of "Captain Moneybags' " hoarded C4, exploded, leaving the Black Spiral Dancers to dig themselves out from about five tons of dirt and rubble.


What will happen when the Dancers wriggle out of the collapsed mine? Will our heroes manage to escape from the muddle they're in? And Just what is that damned, giant stone, egg?

Find out, Next Time!



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