Werewolf the Apocalypse: Talons of Fate

Intro: To Stride on Velvet Shadows.

Esteban Ramirez, a young Garou cub preparing to undergo his Rite of Passage, finds himself enmeshed in a great whirl of events that will lead to the greatest adventure of his life.


Finding himself unceremoniously dumped at the Wheel of Ptah, the young Garou finds himself attached to a pair of unusual human companions. Marcus Adamsfield, a mage in possession of a mysterious shotgun, and Mark Ajax, a wealthy former competition fencer, who smells oddly familiar…


In an unlikely pattern of events, they sneak into the Sept, battle it out with the mortal guards, and inadvertently blow up a hotel, before slipping away via Moon Bridge.

This lands them in the middle of the Canadian wilderness, at the Sept of the Winter Wolf. There, they encounter the Wendigo, a fierce Garou  tribe, who are none too pleased with finding humans on their metaphorical Umbral doorstep. Some, the bold and arrogant pack leader Icedagger among them, demand the expulsion of all three travelers.


Though cooler heads might have prevailed, lead by the Philodox Eagle's-Cry-of-Vengeance and the elder Theurge, Sings-for-the-Dead, the ragtag band finds themselves expelled from the Sept and forced to endure a massive blizzard, augmented by magical forces unknown.

The three of them, thrown together by circumstances beyond their control, soon find common ground. Each has his own secrets…his own tragic circumstances. For three long nights the storms rage outside their enchanted shelter (the work of the Adamsfield) before beginning to slacken.

At this point, Icedagger and his pack make an appearance. The cocky Alpha intending to capture or kill the trio in reprisal for the deaths of several young Wendigo a few weeks before. Items found on the bodies point to travelers from the Wheel of Ptah as being responsible, so Icedagger has made up his mind to send a message to them in return…the severed ears of the Silent Strider, Ramirez. 

His pack worship him as an exemplary warrior, even the Lupus born Ragabash, Snaps-at-Stars…who makes it a point to taunt him at every turn, after he comes off worst in a fight with "Two humans and a pup."

Needless to say, this doesn't endear her to the temperamental pack leader. Especially when the rest of the pack was feeling the sting of their leader's anger.


The trio meanwhile, travel on and eventually discover an abominable sight: a massive strip mine, gouged out of the side of a mountain. A raw, festering wound that reeks of the stench of the Wyrm. With the light fading, and the uranium mine a seething hotbed of activity, they withdraw to the woods to sleep and plan their next move.



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